Web Widget

A bot can be run not only on Facebook and Alexa, but also on the Firebot web client within any website. No use of Facebook or login is required for this. The chat widget will be displayed as a little icon on the page bottom left.

For this a website with valid URL, as well as the possibility to change their HTML code, is needed.

Integrating the Firebot Web-Clients

In order to integrate the chatbot on a website, all input fields must be filled out and the code snippet integrated (copy & paste) into the source code (header-Tag) of the website.

  • Website URL: The website's URL

  • Web Widget Code-Snippet: Automatically generated code-snippet that must be inserted in the HTML part (in the 'head' tag) of the web page

  • Web Widget Settings: Different ways to customize the web client. Attention: After each adjustment, the code snippet must be re-inserted into the website.

  • Chatbot Avatar (optional): Bot's profile picture

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