Variables are placeholders in which data (e.g. user input) can be stored. These data are assigned to individual users. The stored data can then be used for further actions and overwritten as often as desired, or incorporated into blocks and connections.


  • The table lists all variables.
  • Creation: With the button New Variable in the upper right corner of the interface new variables can be created
  • Editing: You can change the variable's name via Edit (pencil icon), next to its name in the table's rows.


  • Save: To save a value in a variable, the Save_Value action must be called with the variable from a block or connection. The user input itself or a predefined value can be stored [more about this action]

  • Display in chat: You can display data stored in variables at every point where the input field is marked with , for example in text content of blocks or in answers (= titles of connections).

    Click the icon or type "{" into the text field. The pop-up menu lists all available variables to let you choose one of them:

    Variables can also be used in answers (connections).

  • Logical operations: You can also perform logical operations on variables using the Compare value and Arithmetic operation actions \ [more about these actions].

    This is only possible with text blocks of type text & links. Make sure you've created the variable in advance and that it already contains data at the time of the call.

Predefined Variables

These variables are already captured and set by the system when the bot is started:

  • "User's First Name": first name of the user
  • "User's Last Name": last name of the user

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