Users & Groups


The table displays all users, who have communicated at least once with the bot. You can use variables as a filter so that only users with the specified variables are displayed.

User Details

Furthermore, you can see under via Details per user, which variable values ​​they have specified. Here you will also find further information (telephone number, e-mail, ...), if available, for each user.


The button Activate Support Messages, sets whether the selected user should receive support requests. In the case of incoming support requests, all users who have been marked with activate support messages receive a message via the bot. This contains a link to the conversation from which the request was sent out. After a user has sent a support message, the bot is deactivated for him until he is reactivated manually by a support staff member.

To enable or disable bots individually for users, click the Bot active button in the conversation view (to be found via the main navigation bar Users / Conversations). Alternatively, you can select the appropriate user in the user table and click the Activate / Deactivate Chatbot button in the settings window.

To create a passage in the bot that lets users send support messages, add the Service Operator action to a block or connection to your desired location in the conversation flow [[more]] (./

User Groups

User groups allow individual users to be grouped by specific set variable values ​. These groups can then be contacted by group messages . You can set several rules per group.


Group messages are messages sent from the bot to all users who are in at least one of the selected groups.

The table lists all group messages as well as possible actions (delete, edit, send).

Send a new push message
  1. Select top right New Push Message.
  2. Set a title for the message, identify user groups to receive this message, and choose a block as the beginning of the conversation
  3. If you want to send the message again, select Send Message in the overview. You can pre-define the recipients (all or individually selected as well as newly added users).

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